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Geotechnical design

  • Recommendations for foundation types
  • Utilization of soil materials
  • Drainage
  • Surface Water and Stormwater Management
  • Geotechnical Calculations

Foundation Reinforcement Design

We plan and implement measures to strengthen existing building foundations. This includes installing additional reinforcements such as bored piles, steel bolts, rock and soil anchors, or reinforced concrete structures. Additionally, it involves considering geotechnical solutions, such as jet grouting or similar methods.

Groundwater Management

Groundwater management involves the planning of groundwater pumping systems, drainage infrastructure, infiltration fields, and measures to regulate water flow. These measures aim to ensure the safety of existing and planned building foundations and to control the effects of groundwater. Additionally, implementation of these measures is crucial to ensure the safe removal of groundwater and prevent environmental damage. This planning also includes strategies for keeping the excavation pit dry during construction.

Soil Strengthening

Ground reinforcement is the process of implementing measures to stabilize or strengthen the soil in construction projects or infrastructure development. This includes various methods such as soil compaction, chemical stabilization, and the use of specialized solutions tailored to each specific case. The goal is to ensure that the soil can withstand the required loads and movements. Additionally, environmental factors and potential impacts on the surrounding nature are taken into account.

Rock Construction Design

  • Rock bolting and strengthening 
  • Excavation planning and vibration assessments

The safe and efficient planning of bedrock utilization includes designing rock excavation support structures such as bolts, shotcrete, rock anchors, and others, implementing safety measures for existing and planned building foundations, as well as managing water. The goal is to ensure that rock excavations are conducted in a controlled manner and that the work environment remains safe for workers and the environment

Excavation Design and Excavation Support Plans

The planning and implementation of earthworks and foundation construction safely and efficiently. This design includes excavation, the design of support structures such as Larssen sheet piles, RD piles, and others, safety measures for existing and planned building foundations, as well as water management. The goal is to ensure that excavations do not collapse and that the work environment remains safe for workers and the environment.

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