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Jätkäsaari Residential Building

Located along Länsisatamankatu in Helsinki, the property sits within Jätkäsaari. It shares boundaries with the street and neighboring plots. An underground parking garage, situated on adjacent plots within the inner courtyard, seamlessly integrates with the residential building, providing parking spaces.

This project embodies the concept of group renting, offering communal living spaces. Comprising 7 apartments suitable for group renting, each tenant enjoys their own room while sharing kitchen, living room, and bathroom facilities with other occupants.

The plot was previously part of the sea, serving as a harbor area before reclamation efforts began in the 1930s. The fill material includes a mix of friction soil, rock embankments, boulders, construction waste, and marine sand, compacted through drop compaction.

The soil profile extends approximately 10-12 meters towards the sea, with structural layers of harbor sediments on top. Beneath lies a mixed fill layer, up to 10 meters thick. Some areas feature a lens-shaped clay layer. Below this, sand and till are present before reaching bedrock. Boreholes drilled to depths of 5.4 to 13.9 meters revealed rock surfaces at intervals ranging from -11.0 to -12.4. Percussion drilling encountered rocks or boulders before reaching bedrock.

Earthworks commenced with shoring on the Länsisatamankatu-facing side in spring 2021. The building reached completion in autumn 2023.

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