In the range our services, percentage of design has grown during recent years. During the first decade of 2000- we expanded our services from geotechnical-, rock- and municipal design to environmental services, ecological design and estimation of environmental affects as well as to structural design related to geotechnics.

Our specialties are:

• Soil investigations
• Geotechnical design
• Rock engineering
• Municipal design
• Geodetic- and estate surveys
• Supervision on earth and rock construction
• Environmental engineering
• Piles bearing capacity and integrity measurements, PDA and SIT
• Quality control of earth works

We actively affect on creating a safe base for construction. We literally look deeper than surface and we clarify conditions to bottom. With geotechnical design we secure that building and environment keep undamaged during construction and exploitation period. From us you get the best information of the sites soil conditions for design and construction.