All the successful construction is based on reliable foundations. Pohjatekniikka LTD is specialized in clarification of underground conditions and solving problems of foundation methods and construction.

Whether the task is an office building, tunnel, parking lot or metrostation, soil must be investigated layer by layer, because made solutions affect far to future, and solutions must be based on correct information of soil. Activities of Pohjatekniikka Ltd have supported the development and growth of Helsinki region as well as the whole country more than 40 years. At the present we have activities , Baltic countries, Sweden and other European countries.

Our lines of business are:

• Soil investigations
• Geotechnical design
• Rock engineering
• Municipal engineering
• Structural design
• Geodetic surveys and real estate surveys
• Supervision of construction
• Environmental engineering

Pohjatekniikka LTD - since 1969