Information needed for construction is literally hidden underground. Out task is to bring it to daylight. This is proven by long traditions, impressive reference projects and numerous long co-operation relations with clients.

Our personnel is specialized in different fields of geotechnical design, and our services cover all the tasks needed from sketch design to end of construction of demanding geotechnical objects. Experience of our experts guarantees, reliable design and construction principles and economically optimal and technically reliable result.

We use new equipment, several hydraulic sounding rigs and sample taking equipments for all purposes. Soil samples are analyzed in our own laboratory.

A construction project is like a great puzzle, where each participant has its own place. Each movement must have right timing and co-operation ability, flexibility and client oriented approach are natural part of our work.

Our aim is to provide the economically and technically best solution for client.

Pohjatekniikka Oy - since 1969