The company started operations in 1969.

 The company was founded by Leo Kallio and Tapani Tuisku with the aim of providing reliable base research and ground construction planning for the needs of an industrialized and growing country. Tapani Tuisku served as the CEO of our company until 2002 and continues to work for our company. The company grew quite fast. In 1975, there were about 50 staff and offices in Helsinki and Turku. The office in Turku moved out of the base technology through ownership arrangements in 1982, but was re-started in 2003. Through acquisitions Pohjatekniikka Oy has acquired a subsidiary in Estonia Viageo Oü 2011 and As GIB (Geotekhnika Insenerbüro) in 2015.  Vuosaari Shipyard Planning and Planning of Perno Shipyard in Turku. The company has been operating in its main business throughout its history and also survived the recession.